About the company

Univest Advertising Production - is part of Univest holding and provides a full range of services in digital, large format printing, outdoor advertising, production of complex and non-standard constructions, design, and engineering.

The company is in the market for already 22 years. Such companies as Mcdonald’s, WOG, CocaCola, Metro, Yves Rocher, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, and others entrust their orders to us.

To create innovative advertising products for Ukrainian and international companies

Our values

We keep up with the times and use modern technologies. We move forward, and in our judgments we rely on the actual information. With us, the client is confident of the novelty of the solutions offered. We possess the expertise and we are willing to share it.
Technological effectiveness
The competitive price of our services is based on processes automation, employing highly productive industrial equipment, and selection of an efficient technology for production of each item.
Today, the client wants to see an unconventional approach and vision, and, eventually, a non-standard product. He seeks creativity. Expert creativity, a thoughtful one, and supported by facts. And we give it to the client. Our brand aims to show ordinary things from a different perspective.
Working with other businesses requires guarantees. We deliver predictable results. We always take responsibility for our actions and do everything so that the partner is sure of our reliability. We tell the truth to our partners. The formula for our success is long-term communication, and honesty and trust are the foundation for its formation.
System partnership
With the suppliers, contractors and clients we build long-term system partnerships focusing on the results and mutual benefit. We maintain high standards of ethical business practices.
Concern for people
When creating a product and developing the company, we always keep in mind that the main value is our staff, and our ultimate client is the people who enjoy and satisfy their needs through our work. We provide a comfortable working and communication environment, and favorable conditions for development within the team. We actively participate in the creation of a secure and civilized community.
Working with us, you will get:
Development of ideas and design
of advertising production
The choice of optimal
technological solutions
complex 24/7
Experience in implementing
complex and innovative
Quality assurance
Financial and
operational flexibility
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