Company history


The company is founded

  • Univest Marketing company with a pre-press department operating within its structure starts operating. The department grows into a repro house and design studio within a short time.


Univest PrePress appears

  • The pre-press department is singled out into the separate business area of Univest PrePress, which renders the full range of pre-press services.


The Digital Print business area is launched

  • Univest PrePress opens a digital print department. We are among the first ones in Kyiv to install a mini printing office based on the Xerox DC12 laser printer.


First achievements on the digital path

  • In a year, we already load the capacities of the first printer and extend our equipment fleet with a Xerox DC240 machine. The production capacity of the subdivision at the time is 60,000 full color А3 impressions per month.
  • In the same year, Univest PrePress becomes a separate legal entity.


An expansion of the service range – broadsheet print

  • Univest PrePress invests into an industrial-grade broadsheet printing complex based on a Scitex Vision XLJet Premium 3+ printer.
  • Due to the rapid development of the area, we already fit up our facilities with a Mimaki JV3 low-solvent printer and the water-based HP DesignJet 5500 in 9 months.
  • The production capabilities of the broadsheet area of printing achieve 50,000 m² per month, which is equivalent to 2800 6х3 m banners.


In tune with the times – digital offset

  • Our company is among the first ones in Eastern Europe to install an HP Indigo 5500 digital offset machine, which allows printing up to 500,000 color A3 copies per month. Our production capacity grows more than 8-fold.
  • The same year we equip our facilities with a full-fledged complex of post-printing equipment which includes automated devices for cutting, die-cutting, creasing, folding, thermal stitching and laminating the products.
  • With a view to expanding our industrial facilities, we also install a Mimaki JV5 – an ultra-speed low-solvent printer. The productivity of the broadsheet printing shop grows by 30%.
  • We produce our first wall advertisement for Toyota brand with the dimensions of 95х8 m and the overall area of 760 m².


UV print becomes available

  • We continue to build up our customer portfolio and expand the equipment fleet with the second XLjet Premium 3+ roll printer and OCE Arizona 250GT flatbed UV printer with a web printing function. Now we print on plastic, glass, MDF and composite aluminum.
  • The capacities of the roll printing shop amount to 120,000 m² per month and those of the flatbed shop to 5000 m² per month.
  • We provide the Fozzy hypermarket in Prolisky with comprehensive decoration in a new style. We change the navigation completely, develop a medium system for advertising providers inside the display area and develop a system of replaceable shopping street signs that allows changing the location of goods on shelves with no additional costs. From that time on, we start to expand our cooperation with retail chains every year. It is us who launched the first Praktiker and Leroy Merlen chain stores in the market.
  • We are among the first ones in Ukraine to launch printed photobook production based on HP Indigo. Currently, the Albomchik and Photome services (photobook selling online media) are the market leaders in their segment.
  • We personalize a print run of 500,000 А3 sheets for Coca Cola as our customer. Later on, we provide offset print run personalization services for many offset printing offices.


Development of UV print

  • Univest PrePress attracts new customers steadily, which allows loading the UV printing section completely and expanding our capacities in this segment more than 2-fold by buying an OCE Arizona 350GT.
  • Comprehensive shopping mall decoration is also included in the areas of our specialization.


Installation of a digital cutting complex and a new UV printer

  • A need for an expansion of the facilities arises, and our company already installs the third UV printer – OCE Arizona 550XT. The performance grows to 1500 m² per day. A ZUND G3 XL3200 high accuracy material cutting and shaping complex is also installed.


Installation of a five meter UV printer and participation in EURO2012

  • Univest PrePress installs a FujiFilm Uvistar 5032 five meter roll UV printer, which allows printing on materials with the maximum width of 5 meters. The performance of the broadsheet roll printing shop grows to 250,000 m² per month.
  • In the same year, our company wins the tender for the decoration of all Ukrainian stadiums for the UEFA EURO2012 European football championship. This project included printing over 4000 various materials with the total area of over 100,000 m². The project involved the use of unique advertising media, and our company coordinated the operation of over 25 contracting entities in 4 cities of Ukraine. As a result, a UEFA expert group appreciated the quality of the preparation of Ukrainian arenas to the holding of the tournament.


A new area – outdoor advertising and POS structures.

  • Another full-fledged production subdivision is formed as part of the printing business area – production of elements of outdoor advertising and various POS structures.


New equipment and rebranding

  • Our company buys a laser engraver, which provides an opportunity to process acryl products more flexibly and apply engraving on various surfaces.
  • We also complete the development of a contemporary company development strategy. A rebranding occurs, which results in all the services and products of the business area being concentrated under the unified brand of Univest Advertising Production



Today, Univest Advertising Production is capable of supplying the needs of its customers for almost any type of advertising products comprehensively. Our equipment fleet allows doing the following:

  • digital printing – 600,000 А3 copies per month;
  • broadsheet roll printing – 280,000 m² per month;
  • broadsheet web printing – 30,000 m² per month.

We currently exercise comprehensive support of 10 Ukraine-wide retail chains: we do the initial decoration of a display area when new stores are opened, produce and replace campaign information.

In this period, we have produced 237 advertisements with the area of 300 to 4000 m²

 Do we plan to rest on our laurels? No! We will develop along with the market and please our customers with new ideas and results that will allow you to promote your own business more successfully.

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