Advertising stickers

Labels, sticker packs, nameplates, floor stickers, display stickers, posters, etc.


We print stickers of any format, shape and circulation for various needs of customers, taking into account the conditions of placement and the purpose of the stickers. We use a wide range of materials: self-adhesive papers – white, colored, matte, glossy; self-adhesive films – white, colored, transparent, metallized, perforated. From these materials we produce labels, nameplates, double-sided sandwich stickers, floor stickers, transport graphics, self-destructive seals. Our assortment includes stickers with different types of adhesive layer: permanent adhesive, easily removable, light-blocking. In the case when it is necessary to place information on a surface where no glue can be applied at all, we offer a non-standard solution – stickers without an adhesive layer (on micro suction cups).

In order to provide high quality label printing results, we use an extensive fleet of industrial equipment. We print stickers up to A3 format (labels, sticker packs, nameplates) on an HP Indigo digital machine. For stickers of unlimited size (floor stickers, display stickers and posters), large format printers are used, where the image is printed on rolls up to 2m wide. In such cases, we use inkjet printing based on solvent or UV inks. When the size of the product is larger than the width of the roll, it is divided into separate fragments, which are glued overlapping to the surface.

Stickers can be produced both in single runs and in hundreds or thousands of copies. The productive equipment for printing and cutting allows to produce even long runs in a few days.



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