Transport branding

Your vehicle fleet as an advertising platform

Car branding will significantly increase your company awareness. Moving around the city, the car from your vehicle fleet will every day meet eye of drivers and passers, acting as an advertising display. Unlike standard billboards and city lights, the branded car is in motion and attracts much more attention as a dynamic advertising medium.

 In addition, the availability of branded transport adds to the company’s image. Even if just 3-5 vehicles with your logo go around the city every day, the observer gets a feeling that your business is active and large, as your cars repeatedly flash before one’s eyes.

What are our advantages?
  • Our own design department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and design solution of any 3D product

  • Joint production

    One facility includes the whole process cycle: development, printing, cutting, dyeing, welding, assembly and mounting

  • Delivery and mounting throughout Ukraine

    Our own transport service, mounting teams in all oblast centers

  • Documentation and warranty maintenance

    Our customers get all the necessary documents for placing outdoor structures: permits, drawings etc. We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all our products

How to make a uniform for the vehicle?

For branding trucks, sealed tents or stickers on the rigid body are used.

Passenger cars are decorated with a self-adhesive film.

Selection of the film plays a fundamental role in determining the project budget. If the main criterion is the price, the ordinary budget films are applied. But the life of this branding is usually not more than 6-12 months. If you want to brand your vehicle for 3-5 years, you should use a special series of self-adhesive materials, specially designed for the decoration of cars.

In case of design of public transport windows, a special perforated one-way-vision film is used; it transmits the light inside the passenger

compartment, while allowing to apply advertising outside.

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Branding that will decorate the car

For branding the cars in Kiev, Univest Advertising Production uses only a special film. It uniformly stretches without any breaks. The final result of branding, as well as its durability depends on it.

 To print on self-adhesive film, we use eco-solvent and UV inks produced in Europe. We guarantee image stability to burning for the period of up to 2 years. With the help of cutting plotters, stickers of any shape and size are produced.

 For short-term branding of vehicles, we use special easily removable film or magnetic vinyl.

 In order to avoid intrusion of litter and dust during film gluing, the already printed and cut film is glued in special boxes.

 Besides everything mentioned, Univest Advertising Production can develop a non-standard design solution which will help to distinguish your company car among the general stream of vehicles

How to get the maximum benefit?

Visit a car wash before gluing the film that you want to brand your car with so that the film fits and holds well. Only after removing the dirt and dust from the vehicle, you will get a decent result.

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