The sticker is a convenient way of branding

Stickers are an excellent choice for product labeling or sales outlet branding. Using them, you will always be able to attach your advertising easily and quickly to pretty much any surface.

 In view of the cost effectiveness of sticker making, the diversity of its shapes and the wide area of its use, this type of printed products is a unique and rather effective information medium. The quicker you are to commission stickers from us, the sooner you will be able to feel the advantages of cooperation with us.

What are our advantages?
  • Digital offset

    Digital press runs with offset quality owing to the digital office printing process by HP Indigo

  • Prompt production

    Advertising products are delivered as soon as possible – over 50% of the commissions are completed within 24 hours

  • An automated post-press complex

    Cutting, lamination, joint forming, die-cutting, soft binding, PUR casework in one facility with no subcontracting involved

  • Accurate color rendition

    Staff color management specialists, set printing profiles for each material and equipment, printing with original colors.

What should you choose from?

Besides the shape, which may be absolutely different, such products differ in the material on which the stickers are made. Everything depends on the conditions they will be in. Most often, it is paper or PVC film.

If paper is used, it should be taken into account that printing stickers on such a material is cheaper and allows making them small (5х5 mm). However, in this case, it cannot be removed completely, and it is also intolerant to humidity. The only thing to prolong the time of its service is lamination.

Stickers made of film are torn off rather easily, but they also cost more than paper ones. PVC materials (oracal) are also resistant to humidity.

The next thing one should pay attention to is the number of colors used while making the stickers. Printing may both involve as little as one color and be multi-colored, using 5 colors (CMYK + White). It is also not unimportant whether the printing office completing your commission will be able to offer an accurate rendition of the PANTONE palette. The need to use such color may be implied by the design.

All of the above influences the cost of the commission, so to obtain more accurate information, you may order a calculation by filling in the form below.

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Quality customized sticker making

Besides a wide range of printing services, Univest Advertising Production offers its customers customized sticker making.

Our company has already been creating printed products, including stickers, for many years. We print such products using the digital offset process, which gives a number of advantages, namely:

– high image durability;

– resistance to burnout and wear;

– PANTONE color palette imitation up to 97%.

Our HP Indigo digital offset machine prints on А3 transparent, white, matte, glossy, metalized and self-destructive film.

However, if you want to have stickers larger than A3 made, Univest Advertising Production will be able to offer you broadsheet print.

However, if you have faced difficulties developing the design of the stickers, the specialists of your creative agency will be delighted to help you solve this issue

How to save time and money?

When you commission sticker printing, be sure to read the technical specification. This information will help you save time and money. If you make the layout in accordance with the specification, you will not have to pay extra money for having our designer improve it, and it will be possible to send the commission to print immediately.

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