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Shop window decoration

The window is the mirror of the shop’s soul

One of the most efficacious methods of luring the customer into a shop is an unusually made window. It requires a combination of an outstanding designer solution, quality materials and skillful mounting, as the place’s image depends on it.

У чому наші переваги:
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and design solution of any 3D product

  • Joint production

    One facility includes the whole process cycle: development, printing, cutting, dyeing, welding, assembly and mounting

  • Delivery and mounting throughout Ukraine

    Our own transport service, mounting teams in all oblast centers

  • Documentation and warranty maintenance

    Our customers get all the necessary documents for placing outdoor structures: permits, drawings etc. We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all our products

How to present all the most “tasty” things?

How to make sure that the window interests the potential customer? The recipe is very simple – an interesting offer has to be flavored with expert decoration.

For instance, stickers can be used to this end. They are made of common or one-vision film. It is an inexpensive and considerably effective option.

Besides stickers, the following may be used for shop window decoration: various placards, banners, life-size figures, acrylights, light boxes, elements of

decor etc. Everything depends on the designer’s fantasy and your money.

For the window to be clearly seen at any time of day or night, quality, bright highlighting will be required.

As there are a lot of shop window decoration options, describe your task in general, and our expert will contact you as soon as possible. You will be able to discuss all the questions that have arisen with them.

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What will make your window more expressive?

The production capabilities of Univest Advertising Production allow producing pretty much any type of outdoor advertising that may be required to decorate your shop window.

We use an HP Indigo digital offset machine and roll broadsheet printers

for printing on self-adhesive film. Our machines print not only with standard CMYK but also with white paint. Thus, besides common stickers, we also print two-sided sandwich stickers. The image printed on them can be seen equally clearly from the street and from the inside of the shop.

The printing facilities work year-round 24/7. Having a production capacity of over 7000 m2 per day, we will always print the placards, bills, posters, banners you require to decorate your window in time.

To produce unconventional individual or series structures, we use an automated cutting complex, a laser cutter and equipment for metal, wood and PVC welding, bending and dyeing.

Our staff mounting teams work both during day and night time, promptly

replacing the campaign information in all the shops of Ukraine-wide retail chains.

You want to decorate a shop window but have no ready concept? Our design department will help you deal with this task quickly by developing several outstanding solutions.

What is to be envisaged?

For the shop to be decorated in time, it is important to prepare oneself for it. First and foremost, a permit for the works being carried out should be obtained.

The next important nuance is as follows: the old stickers and other unnecessary elements should be removed in advance. Practice shows that dismantling may turn out to be more time-consuming and expensive than the installation of new decor.

If the stickers are planned to be applied on the window glass, it has to be washed. This will reduce the probability of dust getting under the sticker and undesirable visual effects appearing.

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