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How to draw attention?

One of the most common tools of outdoor advertising is banners – a dedicated sheet of cloth with informational or promotional content. They are most often placed on walls of buildings, bridges, stands and temporary structures. Provided that the design is competent and the placement is correct, such products will help you make your brand well-known.

Before commissioning an advertising banner, it is essential to select a company that will be able not only to complete the commission in time and to a high quality, but also package, deliver and install the product correctly.

What are our advantages?
  • Print width up to 5 m

    Our printing equipment allows to seal rolls of up to 5 meters in width and sheets of sizes up to 3х2.5 meter

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • 24/7 Work

    Our production runs around the clock, in three shifts seven days a week. More than 50% of orders are performed in 1 day

  • In-house installation team

    All our products are mounted by a team of certified professionals

And what banner will suit you?

Advertising banners are usually printed on dedicated banner cloth – a material consisting of reinforcing net and a PVC layer. Its notable advantages include:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to temperature drops;
  • high color adhesion;
  • low flammability.

Depending on the specifics of placement and the tasks being solved, we offer the following banner options:

Frontlit – a classical option with one-side printing. To be hung on a wall or a dedicated structure.

Backlit – used in lightboxes and other structures highlighted from inside as it scatters light well.

Blockout – used for two-sided printing as it has a black inner layer in the middle rendering it absolutely opaque.

Mesh – a special-purpose net used for large-size banners in order to decrease the windage and weight of the product.

Such items are fastened using eyelets, clamps, hooks or ropes. The choice of option depends on the base the banner is going to hang on.

If you have questions regarding the price or extra information is necessary, fill in the form and our specialists will contact you.

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Your banner will become a work of art

If you are planning to commission a banner in Kyiv, then contacting Univest Advertising Production will be a good decision, and here’s the reason:

  1. We have 2000 m2of production floors and 10 large format printers available. This will let us complete your commission to print banners of any size quickly.
  2. We have 10 years of experience in the completion of such commissions. For instance, we decorated all Ukrainian stadiums for the UEFA EURO2012 tournament.
  3. Univest Advertising Production print banners using all popular processes: solvent, eco-solvent and UV printing.
  4. The printers are profiled by our staff specialists. We ensure accuracy of color rendition and maximum color coverage.
  5. We only use original colors. Our products are resistant to burning out.
  6. Before transporting the banners, we roll them into tubes so that no creases or other defects appear on them.
  7. The specialists of our Design and Pre-Press Department will be happy to develop banner design of any complexity for you.

If you commission banners at Univest Advertising Production, you get quality products that will help you make a profit further on.

Maybe you want to save money?

To do this, you only have to download the layout technical specification and create the layout of your banner according to it. This will prevent you from spending extra money on the adjustment made by our designer and will help you save time. After all, your commission will be suitable for submission to print right away.

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