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Advertising of mass destruction

Billboards are the outdoor advertising made in the form of large boards installed down streets and highways.

When installed in a busy place, such products will draw the attention of the people around. Drivers, passengers, passersby while sitting in traffic jams, driving or going by will be sure to pay attention to a bright and well-made billboard.

You can commission a billboard in many companies, but few of them will be able to offer truly high quality, as well as proper and comfortable packaging for the product.

What are our advantages?
  • Print width up to 5 m

    Our printing equipment allows to seal rolls of up to 5 meters in width and sheets of sizes up to 3х2.5 meter

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • 24/7 Work

    Our production runs around the clock, in three shifts seven days a week. More than 50% of orders are performed in 1 day

  • In-house installation team

    All our products are mounted by a team of certified professionals

How to select a billboard correctly?

A billboard is printed with a large format printer on such materials as:



– BlueBack paper – a dedicated paper base of increased opacity and optimal whiteness. The blue coating applied on the backside allows gluing the carrier to dark bases and images with no color distortions and translucence.

– Banner cloth – it is the strongest material. It does not fear temperature drops; color sticks to it excellently; it burns poorly and stays in shape. A billboard like this is going to serve you the longest under the most severe conditions.

Such products are most often made in the 6х3 meter format, but variants with dimensions of 12х3 or even 4х3 meters are quite common.

As a rule, the files of billboards have considerably low resolutions, from 36 to 72 dpi. This is due to the fact that the human eye won’t note any difference in quality at a distance we usually observe a billboard from. At the same time, the cost of a board is going to be significantly lower if it is printed at a high speed and with an adequate resolution.

If you’ve become interested in a cost calculation or need help selecting the material, fill in the form below and our specialists will contact you.

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A billboard that is going to be the focus of attention

Univest Advertising Production have been printing advertising boards for their customers for some time now, selecting the most optimal solutions for it. The availability of an equipment stock of our own lets us complete commissions with large scopes within the shortest time possible.

Univest Advertising Production uses solvent printing most often to print billboards, which is going to let you get an image resistant to burning out and the effect of outside factors, saving money.

For the mounting of the image on a board to be convenient, the image is broken down into 10 fragments (titles) which are glued to the surface, overlapping each other.

Owing to the availability of a roll UV printer at our company, making banner-based billboards using the UV process is possible. This will make the product you have commissioned more resistant to burning out and help achieve the maximum brightness and richness of the image.

Univest Advertising Production offer their customers door-to-door delivery performed with a car fleet of their own and convenient, informative and reliable packaging for the item you have commissioned, which is quite important during transportation. You may not fear lest you get something you have not commissioned due to error or the product is damaged.

If you have not come up with any idea of how to make a bright and memorable billboard yet, our Design and Pre-Press Department will be happy to help you

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What can I save my money on anyway?

Whether you decide to create a billboard layout on your own or contact a freelance designer, you should in any case consider the technical specification that you can download on the site. By adhering to it, you will save the time that will otherwise be spent on the improvement of your layout and the money you will have to spend on editing by our designer.

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