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Wall advertising

How to win the banner battle?

If you want to really make an impression on the audience and stand out among your competitors, use wall advertisements. Striking the eye due to its enormous dimensions, such advertising will just eclipse all the attempts of your competitors to somehow draw attention to themselves within the territory in question.

However, to win this fight, you need products of a truly high quality. What is more, not only is the contractor required to be able to print the image beautifully, but also to deliver it correctly and mount it on the wall of a building of your choice.

What are our advantages?
  • Print width up to 5 m

    Our printing equipment allows to seal rolls of up to 5 meters in width and sheets of sizes up to 3х2.5 meter

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • 24/7 Work

    Our production runs around the clock, in three shifts seven days a week. More than 50% of orders are performed in 1 day

  • In-house installation team

    All our products are mounted by a team of certified professionals

Rules for a good wall advertisement

On commissioning wall advertising, customers expect it to serve for quite a long time. That is why such products are made on banner cloth, which can serve for years.

If you plan to place the wall advertisement where it is windy or its area is very large, vinyl net will be the best solution. This material will help reduce the windage and weight of the item. The net is penetrable for light, which allows mounting it even on the walls of buildings with windows.

Such advertising is printed on large format printers, using solvent ink or UV colors in fragments with the maximum width of 5 m. As modern printing machines work with material with the maximum width of 5 m, large sheets are made by welding separate fragments into a whole (the hot air welding process is used).

To fix such items, eyelets through which the rope is run during mounting are beaten into them along the perimeter. It is preferable to fix wall advertisements with areas of 300 m2 and more using a system of pipes and pins fastened on a mounting frame. To this end, “pockets” for pipe fixation are shaped along the perimeter of the wall advertisement. Such a process allows achieving the optimal stretch of the advertising sheet and removing the creases and wrinkling that have appeared during transportation.

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What will make your wall advertisement irresistible?

For your wall advertisement to make an impression on the audience not only with its dimensions, but also with its quality, it is important to select a printing office that has the necessary resources and technologies. Univest Advertising Production have a number of undisputable advantages important in the production of wall advertising:

  1. We have solvent and UV printers with the maximum width of 5 m capable of printing integral segments with the maximum length of 50 m installed at our facilities. The daily productive capacity of these machines is 3000 m2 per day.
  2. Printing is done with original colors resistant to burnout due to sunlight for up to 3 years. We achieve the widest color coverage possible and accurate imitation of the Pantone fan deck colors.
  3. Wall advertisements are welded at our facilities in a shop equipped for the purpose using Leister equipment from Germany. We have developed our own net welding process that allows making joints as inconspicuous as possible.
  4. When wall advertisements are produced, material is purchased from one batch only, which allows ruling out color rendition distortions on specific parts of the complete sheet. An operational material warehouse is
  5. Our experience includes the production of hundreds of large wall advertisements. Our works adorn the most conspicuous sites in Kyiv (Bolshevik mall, TsUM, the Trade Union Building, Olimpiyskyi NSC, Khreschatyk and Basseyna streets and many other places).
  6. Wall advertisements are mounted by a team of certified industrial climbers.

Besides printing wall advertisements in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, Univest Advertising Production can help you with design development. The specialists of our Design and Pre-Press Department will manage to complete a task of any complexity within the time agreed.

A tip on saving

In order not to pay too much for the additional processing of your commission, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the technical specification for a layout before developing it. This will spare you the trouble of paying for the editing done by our designer and allow submitting your commission to print significantly faster.

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