Rooftop structures

Rise above ordinary advertising

Standing out from the mainstream of the various advertisements the audience faces in the street on a daily basis, a rooftop structure will always be the focus of attention. High above the houses, it will emphasize the trustworthiness of your company and will show the customer the way like a lighthouse.

For the product to serve you for many years, we take all the factors that may affect a rooftop sign into account. Besides making structures, we offer delivery, installation and many other things.

Our advantages include:
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and design solution of any 3D product

  • Joint production

    One facility includes the whole process cycle: development, printing, cutting, dyeing, welding, assembly and mounting

  • Delivery and mounting throughout Ukraine

    Our own transport service, mounting teams in all oblast centers

  • Documentation and warranty maintenance

    Our customers get all the necessary documents for placing outdoor structures: permits, drawings etc. We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all our products

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The first thing one has to pay attention to before commissioning a rooftop advertising structure is the technical and legal opportunity to implement the project.

It is necessary to analyze the weight-carrying capacity of the roof. Then, draw up the necessary documents and obtain an advertisement installation authorization.

After figuring out the legal aspects, you can proceed to actually ordering the rooftop advertisement. The possible size, weight and design of the product have to be specified jointly with the engineering designer. Is highlighting going to be used? If yes, what type of it? External or internal? Is the whole product going to be highlighted or only certain elements?

If you fill in the form you will find below, our specialist will call you back as soon as possible. You will be able to discuss all the questions that have arisen.

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Need rooftop structures? We’ll take care of everything!

A rooftop structure is always a complex product. It requires a strong metal structure as a carrying frame and a reliable roof fastening. It should be both durable and safe.

The specialist designers of Univest APC prepare a detailed drawing and a wind load calculation, agree and approve the project with special purpose institutions.

Based on the detailed drawings, the employees of the outdoor advertising department will weld a reliable carrying frame and make the actual structure of any complexity and configuration.

While producing illumination rooftop structures, we ensure the tightness of all illuminated boxes so as to prolong their service time. At the same time, all our rooftop structures are developed in view of

the need for regular and convenient maintenance with the involvement of the minimal special-purpose machines and special-purpose equipment.

Besides the complete production cycle, Univest APC offers professional rooftop mounting using the efforts of the certified specialists of the mounting department. Having authorizations for working at heights and the relevant experience, they will install your rooftop structure correctly without compromising the tightness of the roof.

We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all rooftop installations.

Besides preparing drawings, making and installing the structures, Univest APC can help you with design development. Our specialists will prepare several solutions

for you that will be made in accordance with the style of your company.

Work examples

Where the saving is

As rooftop structures are products commissioned once for a long time, the most durable materials should be used to make them. This will relieve you from the need to engage in the maintenance of such a product, thereby saving your money and time in the future.

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