Light boxes

How to sparkle immoderately for moderate money?

Light boxes is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution that will help to emphasize the advertising or the name of your company in the interior or in the dark on the street.

The necessary element of any light box is the internal lighting (lamps or diodes) and light-scattering layer, which provides uniform illumination of the surface of the box.

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  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and design solution of any 3D product

  • Joint production

    One facility includes the whole process cycle: development, printing, cutting, dyeing, welding, assembly and mounting

  • Delivery and mounting throughout Ukraine

    Our own transport service, mounting teams in all oblast centers

  • Documentation and warranty maintenance

    Our customers get all the necessary documents for placing outdoor structures: permits, drawings etc. We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all our products

Hobson’s choice is not the case here

Dimensions of light box depend on the space where you plan to place it, as well as on your budget.

Light boxes come both one-sided and two-sided. The first ones are mostly mounted on the walls, and the second – on the arms, perpendicular to the street.

Boxes can be either framed or unframed. The latter are distinguished by less rigidity and service life.

On the front side of the light box, for even light scattering and minimal light loss in most cases opaline acrylic is set. The image is applied either directly on the acrylic or on the light-diffusing film. The rear (non-illuminated) side of the light box is usually stitched with metal or PVC.

Some 10-15 years ago the illumination in light boxes was maintained by fluorescent lamps. Now, the lamps are being actively displaced by LEDs. The diodes are much more durable, efficient, and consume times less electricity. The number, type of diodes, scheme of their positioning in the box are determined by the structure’s thickness, light-scattering layer and light intensity that needs to be provided on the surface.

In order not to get lost in all this variety, complete the form and our specialist will help you to make the right choice.

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A light box that will never fade

One of the main characteristics that distinguish a quality light box is brightness and illumination uniformity. The Design Department of APC Univest, based on its experience, will make the right choice for the lighting elements, as well as light-scattering materials.

 Through the use of high-quality LEDs, we can certainly provide a guarantee for them. If, eventually replacement of light elements is required, it is not a problem, all our light boxes are under service. In all cases, there are technological “doors” in the boxes, and electricity wiring is made so that the service takes minimum time.

 Since APC Univest has all the necessary equipment, from UV flatbed printers to digital Zund G3 cutting complex, we provide full-cycle production. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive your order within the specified period without delay.

 If you do not want to spend time searching for installers, APC Univest is there willing to assist. We have installation teams in all the cities of Ukraine.

In addition to all the above, our Design Department is always ready to find unusual solutions for your light boxes to the envy of competitors.

Work examples

Do you want to save money?

The easiest way to save money and time is to prepare in advance the place where you want the light box to hang. Nothing should interfere its installation. Additionally, it is desirable to take care of the power source in advance.

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