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City lights

An advertising trend of metropolises

City lights are part and parcel of a modern metropolis. They can be most often seen in the central streets of the city, where a large number of people gather.

They look like boxes with dimensions of 1.2х1.8 meters, with internal highlight and advertising from one or both sides. This type of advertising medium is designed first and foremost to cover the target audience of pedestrians. City lights are installed on the sidewalk, on the level of the human eye, which results in the duration of the visual contact increasing.

In view of the fact that the image on a city light is studied from a small distance of 1-2 meters, it is essential to get a high quality of the image. It is necessary to select the right company able to produce quality city lights promptly.

What are our advantages?
  • Print width up to 5 m

    Our printing equipment allows to seal rolls of up to 5 meters in width and sheets of sizes up to 3х2.5 meter

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • 24/7 Work

    Our production runs around the clock, in three shifts seven days a week. More than 50% of orders are performed in 1 day

  • In-house installation team

    All our products are mounted by a team of certified professionals

What helps to draw attention?

City lights are printed on a dedicated material – city paper. It is different from common paper in its increased light transmission, even light diffusion, resistance to a medium with increased humidity and the fact that it increases the contrast of the image if highlighted from behind.

Solvent inks may be used in city light production, but to obtain a higher quality and better light diffusion, UV print should be commissioned.

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How to differentiate your city light from the mainstream?

If you want your city lights to be produced quickly and to the highest quality possible, contacting Univest Advertising Production will be the right solution. Let us consider why point by point:

  1. Univest Advertising Production has already been providing broadsheet printing services in Kyiv for 10 years. We have 10 industrial-grade broadsheet printers installed at our production facilities. We will be able to ensure quality within a short time.
  2. All the equipment at Univest Advertising Production is profiled by staff specialists, who have a profound knowledge of every printing machine at our facilities. We ensure accurate color rendition.
  3. We only use original ink with a wide coverage and resistance to fading for all types of printing.
  4. If you have no completed layout, our Design and Pre-Press Department will help to develop the most creative solution for your city lights.

If you contact Univest Advertising Production once, you will want to cooperate with us again and again.

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A way to save

Before creating a layout for your city lights, we highly recommend that you read the technical specification, which can be found on the site. It will help avoid extra spending on editing by our designer and save your time, as the commission will go to print much faster.

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