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Queen of the roads

An advertising board is an excellent choice if your place is near a road. Due to being advantageously placed at the level of the drivers’ eyes and its impressive dimensions, a board will not let a visitor accidentally miss your office, fuel station or restaurant.

This standalone structure may reach several tens of meters in height and fulfill the role of an attention getter at a distance as large as several kilometers. It is of great importance to drawing the attention of drivers, who move at high speeds and should manage to notice your advertisement in advance and stop by your place.

This outdoor advertising element is especially appropriate in places saturated with a lot of shops, sales outlets, signs, bills and other eye-catching advertisements. A board will help a potential customer see your advertisement in all its variety and no other.

What are our advantages?
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and design solution of any 3D product

  • A comprehensive facility

    One facility includes the whole process cycle: development, printing, cutting, dyeing, welding, assembly and mounting

  • Delivery and mounting throughout Ukraine

    Our own transport service, mounting teams in all oblast centers

  • Documentation and warranty maintenance

    Our customers get all the necessary documents for placing outdoor structures: permits, drawings etc. We carry out the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all our products

Components of appeal

The first thing you should pay attention to when ordering a board is its dimensions. There are no certain standards. The trick is to remember that this parameter affects its conspicuousness and trustworthiness greatly.

The next factor is the materials used. The frame is made of metal pipes and profiles, whereas the face of a board may be made of the following: plastic, acryl, cellular polycarbonate, metal, composite aluminum.

To make the board conspicuous during nighttime as well, various highlight

options are used – fluorescent lamps, neon, LEDs, floodlights.

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Do you want it to be not only beautiful but also reliable?

A board is an advertising structure that should be stable first and foremost. Being in fact a “sail”, it is subject to constant impact of wind loads. Not only its durability, but also the safety of the people around depends on the stability of the board. That is the reason why the designer department of APC Univest pays great attention to the accuracy of calculations and detailed counter-check of all drawings of the boards we produce.

Another crucial element of a board is its foundation or base. They are often hidden from the eye underground, but the strength of the whole structure also depends on proper and timely foundation laying to a great extent.

We produce almost all boards with internal highlighting. To solve this task, we use the most reliable and durable diodes possible, which retain as much as 70% of their candle power for at least 2-3 years.

Owing to the availability of all the equipment necessary, APC Univest conducts full-cycle production. Your board will be completed to meet the agreed deadline precisely. Besides that, we offer a warranty for the products.

Along with production, we offer board mounting, both in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. And if you have not prepared the permission documentation yet, we can help you deal with this task as well.

Besides making and installation, our designers will find attractive and unconventional ideas for you that will make your board draw attention.

Work examples

Preventing unforeseen expenses

The first thing one should pay attention to while installing a board is the placement of underground utilities. The structure must be at a certain distance from them.

Secondly, a permit issued by the public utility companies responsible must be available.

You should not skimp on materials. If you commission a quality board, albeit a more expensive one, once, you will get a product that will serve for many years.

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