Cardboard advertising stands

Cardboard stands - a modern trend with many advantages

Corrugated stands are one of the most relevant and practical types of advertising stands nowadays. They are installed in shopping centers, halls, at exhibitions and in other public places.

  • Cardboard advertising stands have several advantages:
  • they are cheaper than similar products of plastic, metal, or wood;
  • such stands are very light, making them convenient for transportation and during operation;
  • can be delivered in flat or disassembled form to a site;
  • cardboard is easy to handle and allows to implement stands of various shapes.

The only thing such constructions are inferior to is the service life. Stands made of more sound materials will have a longer period of use. At the same time, this makes corrugated stands an ideal solution for short-term events and promotions, it encourages you to surprise clients with advertising solutions more often.

Cardboard advertising stands are a modern European trend. Do you want to keep up with the times and be practical? In this case, such products are just for you!

Our advantages:
  • Short runs

    We are ready to develop and manufacture even a small number of stands – starting from 10 copies

  • Ready models of stands

    If you urgently need a stand, or if you still don’t have your own vision, you can choose any option from a dozen ready-made solutions online

  • Own design department and designers

    We will develop a constructive solution for any volumetric corrugated stand

  • Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine

    Univest Advertising Production has its own delivery service and installation crews in all regional centers of Ukraine

The main factors affecting the cost of paper stands

Even considering that cardboard stands are a more budget option, the price for them can vary significantly. What does it depend on?

It depends on the material. Cardboard differs from another cardboard: stands can be made of corrugated cardboard (3-layer or 5-layer), bound cardboard, etc. In addition, the combination of materials is still there. And this means that individual structural elements can be made of acrylic, PVC, composite, etc.

It depends on the construction. You can order an advertising construction made of corrugated cardboard of a more standard format or fall back on a design solution. This is another plus of using cardboard. It is much easier to give it the desired shape. The functional purpose of the stand also affects this: be it just an advertisement or be it having your product. In any case, advertising stands made of corrugated board enable to implement innovative ideas.

It depends on sizes of a stand. Everything is plain and simple: the larger the cardboard display, the more materials and ink should be used. In other words, the price is directly proportional to the dimensions of the stand.

The cost of a corrugated board stand depends on the design of the product, the number of shelves, their load-bearing capacity, the accessories used. It is also important to understand whether the stand is to be delivered assembled or disassembled to the place of use. As a rule, the cost to produce corrugated board stands varies within the following limits:


Difficulty / dimensions of the standCost, UAH with VAT
Simple stands

(Rectangular, 2-3 shelves, non-separable)

from 1000

Stands of medium complexity

(Free form, withstand 10-20 kg, collapsible)

from 1500
Complex stands

(Unique construction, fittings, high bearing capacity, large dimensions)

from 2500

* The cost does not include: development of design and constructive. For a detailed calculation, you have to send the product visual.

If you are interested in more specific figures, order a calculation of your advertising stand. Our managers and designers will calculate the cost of products for you online.

Want more information?
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Production of cardboard stands according to advanced technologies

Still do not know where to order the production of cardboard advertising stands in Kyiv? We will tell you – with Univest Advertising Production!

We have all the necessary components to carry out such orders at a high level: materials, modern technology and experienced specialists. The image for cardboard stands in Univest Advertising Production is printed in two ways:

  • direct printing on corrugated board;
  • printing on film, followed by rolling onto cardboard.

In both cases, digital printing is used. Therefore, you can order even a very short run of stands (starting from 10 pcs.) at a reasonable price.

All you have to do is leave a request. After that, our managers will contact you and you will be able to discuss the details of the order.

Design department specialists will develop a 3D model of your layout, and designers will finalize it. We will also select the most optimal technological solutions for a cardboard stand of any complexity. If you have your own layout, we can start production even more quickly.

The availability of the necessary printing technologies and own post-press allow us to produce corrugated board stands completely at our sites. Therefore, you can be sure of absolute control at each stage of production.

When ordering advertising stands made of cardboard, you get one more bonus: delivery in unassembled or assembled form. If you transport the structure from one place to another, we will deliver it to you in an unassembled form along with the assembly instructions. If you don’t want to waste your time on making it up or are afraid to damage the stand, we will bring it assembled.

And you will not need to come to get the product by yourself. Thanks to the Transport Department of Univest Advertising Production, we can deliver the finished print run to any point in Kyiv or Ukraine.

Cardboard stands from idea to implementation

The manufacture of cardboard advertising stands requires careful and comprehensive processing, so it’s better to entrust it to professionals. If you have your own layout, the designers and specialists of the Univest Advertising Production design department will finalize it taking into account all the nuances. If you don’t have your own layout, we will be happy to offer you our ideas and make a signal sample. And only after you approve it, we will print the full run.

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