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Mobiles / Danglers

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Mobiles (danglers) are posters on rigid mediums or lightweight constructions that are hung from the ceiling in the shopping space. It makes them noticeable almost from anywhere in the space.

Located directly above the counter with the products, mobiles not just will attract the attention, but also will point the way to the advertised product.

It is important to give the manufacture of mobiles to an experienced contractor who will select the best materials and production technology in each individual case.

What are our advantages?
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and a constructive solution to any volumetric product

  • Joint production

    The whole technological cycle in one place: design, printing, cutting, painting, welding, assembly, installation

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • Delivery and installation all over Ukraine

    In-house transport service, installation teams in all regional centers

Which mobile fits your needs?

Danglers are often placed on a rigid basis such as cardboard, foam board, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene or foamed PVC. The best solution is to use the most lightweight materials. They guarantee ease in installation and safety.

For imaging, tablet UV printing is the best option. This technology allows direct printing on rigid materials making the picture more colorful and attractive.

After the material is selected, it is necessary to decide on the size and shape of the mobile. There are no standard solutions for such products. The only thing that is important is the ceiling height of the room in which the product will be suspended. It should not hinder the store visitors.

Fishing line or thin steel cables are used for the installation of mobiles to the ceiling. The latter option is preferable as it is more reliable.

If you have any additional questions or you want a preliminary calculation of the order, please fill in the form and our specialists will contact you.

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Your mobiles will make people not look down

What benefits do you get by ordering danglers with Univest Advertising Production?

  • Fast execution of your order. This is important when holding promotional events and sales (at our disposal there are 9 wide-format printers, a printing shop that works round the clock, and an operating warehouse that ensures uninterrupted production).
  • You will get high-quality products as we use only top notch equipment and original ink (paint).
  • You are not limited in the choice of product size or shape. In the automated cutting complex, we can make products with any contour.
  • We have solid experience in operational sorting and packing batches of fractional products in dozens of Ukrainian retailers.
  • Our design department will develop a dangler layout that definitely will not be neglected.
  • We offer address delivery for customers located in Kiev.

An idea how to save money

If you have a ready-made layout of mobile or plan to order its development not from our experts, it is highly recommended to get acquainted with the technical requirements. It will help to save money on revisions and allow to put the layout into print much faster.

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