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Pallet winding

One of the most active P.O.S. materials in retail

Every year, retail chains are increasingly use pallet winding. It is hard to imagine a modern shop without the numerous pallet islands in the aisles between the rows of shopping stalls. At these places merchandisers carry out the display of goods. Often, seasonal promotions are designed or new items of the product range are promoted on the basis of separate pallets or pallet groups. Brand managers and marketers, who are always trying to maximize the use of the space of retail area, could not ignore the additional advertising space, located directly in the path of the buyer.

Our advantages:
  • Full production cycle on modern equipment
  • Digital printing - short runs are available
  • Development of design and constructive solutions
  • Focus run of pallet windings on any technology

Options for branding of pallet winding

Not all advertising producers can offer their customers an effective technological solution for the design of separate “islands”. It is necessary to have equipment that allows to seal up large volumes of materials in the required width and tight deadlines. And the most important thing is to understand how this or that material will behave on such an uncomfortable plane.

Such opportunities for direct printing and their subsequent cutting, scoring and processing are available only if the advertising and production company has printing and finishing machinery of the industrial level.

After the installation of the complex (Zund G3 3XL-3200 and Durst Rho P10-200), we are pleased to offer our customers the optimal technological solution for the production of pallet design in Kiev.

Over the years, Univest Advertising Production has worked out various production options for branded pallet winding for meet every need and budget, since P.O.S. materials and, in particular, pallet windings are the field of our specialization.

Banner pallet winding

The simplest and fastest, but at the same time still functional option is printing on a solid or laminated banner. Grommets are installed around the perimeter, fasteners are made using plastic ties or the winding is stepped directly to the pallets. In the visual context, this is not the most advantageous option. The pallets that are surrounded by the banner are never perfectly flat. Banner, as a flexible roll material, repeats all the irregularities of the walls of the island. In addition, it is not always convenient to fix the winding on the brackets and ties.

Composite aluminum walls

Composite aluminum is a material that is widely used in outdoor advertising. It is practically not exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, shock resistant. Theoretically, the pallet design – pallet collars, which are made of sealed sheets of composite, can serve for years. The look of such a solution is certainly premium. Therefore, such an implementation can be found on the branded “islands” with expensive goods (for example, elite alcohol). In fact, this option has significant drawbacks. Yes, composite aluminum will not break or crack. But mechanical damages from the daily blows of passing carriages leave visible dents. Gradually, the surface of the expensive winding loses its presentable appearance and does not look so premium.

Pallet winding from corrugated board

This option deservedly claims to become the “golden mean” between the banner and the composite or other rigid sheet materials. That stands to reasons, which we suggest to read below.

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Why customers choose pallet winding from corrugated board

In recent years, the usual flat pallet windings are increasingly turning into full-fledged brand zones.

Mega-islands, assembled from 6-8 pallets, are made in the theme of scenery for popular films or cartoons, any creative ideas can ve realized.

And in this case, corrugated board is often not just effective, but the only possible solution. Since the sheets of this material can be cut along an arbitrary contour with the help of special digital cutters. Such non-standard solutions are assembled with glue.

Assembly of a pallet winding from a corrugated board in the store is as simple as possible. Neighboring walls are interconnected by means of double-sided tape applied to special valves or by means of plastic screws with nuts. Both mounting options take no more than 2-3 minutes and do not require any special training or physical efforts.

The maximum effect when choosing a pallet winding from cardboard is achieved when the image is applied with UV inks on a corrugated board directly, without an intermediate printing operation on film with subsequent rolling onto the cardboard. Then the extra operations and materials do not need to be included in the price. The image printed with UV inks is the brightest and most resistant to external influences.

At the points of sale, the decorations from the corrugated board invariably cause the WOW-effect and significantly stimulate the sale of goods, which are presented on a beautifully decorated pallet island.

So, lets highlight the main reasons why pallet decoration from corrugated board is more often chosen:

  • Corrugated board is one of the most affordable materials for the production of advertising!
  • Perfect for short term promotional actions!
  • It keeps its shape perfectly due to its structure!
  • Paper liner of corrugated board is the perfect surface for fixing coloring!
  • Low weight of the material – saving on shipping, which rises in price every year!
  • In addition, this material is at times more environmentally friendly than all the alternatives!
  • Such products are easily and 100% utilized, or rather, even given for recycling!
Work examples

In conclusion, another nice bonus!

Thanks to digital printing technologies, we can quickly make you one copy or a small focal run of pallet winding using any technology. And after successful field tests, we will promptly and efficiently produce the run you need. There is no risk to get products that do not meet expectations, or overpayments for extra products.

You just need to try!

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