Your product is the decoration of counter.

In a fight for each client wins the one who can present one’s goods. Presenters can form an elitist image of your products thereby putting competitors aside.

Presenters will help to create customer’s feeling of product admiration, emphasize its design, clearly mark your product among other goods.

What are our advantages?
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and a constructive solution to any volumetric product

  • Joint production

    The whole technological cycle in one place: design, printing, cutting, painting, welding, assembly, installation

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • Delivery and installation all over Ukraine

    In-house transport service, installation teams in all regional centers

How not to be awash with diversity?

Products presenters are distinguished by their originality. They may be of completely different sizes and shapes.

These parameters depend on the place where you want to put the presenter, as well as on the size of your product.

Presenters are often made of such materials as PVC materials, acrylic, polystyrene, special films, lighting elements.

Imaging is made preferably by UV tablet printers.

In creating such products illumination is quite often used. Basically it is LED lamp or tape.

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Out-of-the-box solutions to challenging tasks

Due to our in-house 3d-designers and design engineers, we can create and manufacture non-standard and effective presenters for any product.

Our experts will make a proper selection of materials taking into account specifics of the product as well as your financial resources.

For printing on rigid materials we use one of our UV tablet printers.

The method of eco-solvent or UV-roll printing is applied to print on flexible materials. While doing so we use only the

ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Lighting technique is used in most modern presenters. We use high quality diodes, which allow us to give a product warranty for at least 1 year.

Our resources allow performing all stages of the technological process on the same site (printing, cutting, bending, painting, welding, and assembling). Thus we provide a short trade cycle of samples, and then batches.

Also, Univest Advertising Production offers its customers address delivery, through which you receive your order on time and intact.

How you can save

In order not to waste your precious time on creating the layout and its further changes, we

>recommend you to order design of your presenters with Univest Advertising Production. Our experts will develop several concepts, you will just have to choose the best. After that your order will promptly go in progress.

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