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Printing advertising magnets

What is an advertising magnet? As a material for advertising, it has come into use relatively recently, and many are used to thinking that this is just a small souvenir. We say that this is a great option if you need to frequently change information for customers. Therefore, Univest Advertising Production offers services in printing advertising magnets of small and large sizes in Kyiv.

Why do you need this? Magnets are great for changeable ads: promotions, seasonal sales, theme events and the like. Compared to other POS products, the magnet has its advantages:

leaves no trace on the surface of the wall/rack stand;

it is attached to the surface much easier (no adhesive tape or special adhesive is needed), and is also removed without much effort;

can be used in various places many times.

All you need is a magnetic surface.

It is important to understand that when using self-adhesive film or paper for changeable advertising, you will also need the services of installers. This is additional expense. Any employee of the store, office, etc. can engage in the installation of advertising magnets. Advertising magnets can also be attached to a refrigerator for branding. As you can see, advertising magnets are not only a material, they are a business solution.

Our advantages:
  • Direct printing on material

    The capability to print directly on a magnet due to UV technology

  • Own post-press complex

    Precise curvilinear contour cutting of a magnet

  • Urgent printing of magnets

    Large run in a short time – the production site works 24/7

  • Precise color reproduction

    Tо achieve that, we have color management specialists, adjusted profiles, and original inks.

What parameters affect the price of printing magnets?

In our country, for many customers, price is a key criterion in choosing a printing house. The cost of each order in Univest Advertising Production is calculated individually, and the manufacture of advertising magnets is no exception, as several parameters affect the price. Which ones?

The size. The logic is simple – the larger the size, the more material, ink, etc. We are able to print both small products and advertising magnets with an area of several square meters. Optimizing the size of an advertising magnet also affects the price: you can choose a size that fits the width of a roll only once and makes up 30-50% of the waste. We will help you choose the dimensions, at which material waste and product cost will be minimized.

Format. Straight or curved shape of your magnets? It is important to understand that it is difficult to perform contour cutting on a magnet, and not everyone knows how to do it. Therefore, curved advertising magnets have a higher cost.

Thickness of magnet. The magnet itself is a material that is difficult to print on. In addition, processing a thicker magnet is more complicated. Therefore, the thicker your magnets are for advertising, the higher their price will be.

Printing technology. Advertising magnets, odd as it may seem, are magnetized :). So, most printing options where material needs to be pushed through the printer are out of question. Solutions where the sheet of material itself is stationary and the printheads move above it, are suitable for printing on a magnet. That is why Univest Advertising Production uses UV technology to produce advertising magnets.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables in the formation of the cost of manufacturing advertising magnets. Therefore, to find out the exact printing price of your advertising magnets, leave a request for a calculation on our website or contact the managers by phone +38 (044) 494 07 47. Thus, you will receive answers to all your questions as soon as possible.

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Printing of advertising magnets at Univest Advertising Production

Univest Advertising Production has UV printing technology, which is the best solution for advertising magnets. In addition, printing and the use of original inks provides several advantages:

  • wide color gamut;
  • vibrant, saturated image printing;
  • burn resistance;
  • photographic print quality.

What else can we add? Univest Advertising Production makes advertising products 24/7, so you are guaranteed to receive your order on time and as soon as possible. The duplication of many pieces of equipment also contributes to this.

In addition, we cut advertising magnets of both rectangular and non-standard shapes without any problems. For this, we have special equipment with knives for curvilinear cutting.

No time to arrive to us to pick up your order? Here, we are also at your disposal! The specialists of our logistics department will bring your order to any point in Kyiv or ensure timely delivery to any city of Ukraine.

Work examples

Order advertising magnets correctly

In order not to waste time and not spend extra money on finalizing your layout, make sure that it meets the technical requirements. If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to do it, our designers will help you design and prepare the layout for printing from the scratch.  Choose what is best for you, and we will be happy to help you implement your ideas.

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