Advertising that stops on the move

The basic objective of stoppers is to stop customers and attract their attention to your product.

Stoppers are mounted on racks, perpendicular to the flow of traffic.

Due to this, even just a passing visitor will pay attention to them. This will greatly enhance the chances for buying.

In order your stoppers are most effective, the correct design, selection of material and printing quality are very important. Exactly this combination you will get by contacting us.

What are our advantages?
  • In-house engineering department and designers

    We can develop a 3D model and a constructive solution to any volumetric product

  • Joint production

    The whole technological cycle in one place: design, printing, cutting, painting, welding, assembly, installation

  • Accurate color reproduction

    In-house specialists in color management, customized printing profiles for each type of material and equipment, printing with authentic inks (paints)

  • Delivery and installation all over Ukraine

    In-house transport service, installation teams in all regional centers

Nice to meet you, stopper

Advertising stoppers are usually produced of: cardboard, heavy paper or plastic. Depending on the chosen material and the circulation, offset or digital printing are employed.

Besides the material, the print type depends on the product format. Thus, the image size of up to A3 can be made by digital offset and for larger stoppers large format printing is required for short runs. In case of paper or cardboard for long runs of stoppers the most cost-effective technology is offset.

To make the stoppers attract more attention, they can be of non-standard shapes. You can find out how the price will increase in this case by filling out the form below. Shortly, our specialist will contact you and answer all your additional questions.

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Production of stoppers as an art

In order that your stoppers have a really “stopping” effect, we use only high-quality and modern equipment. There are a digital offset machine HP Indigo and several UV flatbed printers in the arsenal of

Univest Advertising Production. All equipment is profiled by our experts, only original inks are used for printing. This makes it possible to get not only clear images with high resolution and color gamut, but also quite accurately to simulate up to 85% of PANTONE palette.

Depending on the size and volume of the order, our experts will help you to choose the most optimal solution. This concerns both the type of printing and the materials.

In cases where the client needs stoppers by tomorrow, our production shop will be engaged in their manufacture at night. You can receive the finished products through door-to-door delivery in Kiev, or by courier service around Ukraine.



You have no idea what type of stoppers you need? Our Design Department will develop several innovative solutions, taking into account all your preferences. The option you select will be promptly sent to print.

Your budget will thank you

Before you send us the layout, we recommend you to get familiarized with the technical specifications that you will find on the site. Inconsistency to them will require revisions from our designer. As a result, you will pay more money, and the order will not be sent directly into print.

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