Promotional print

Both advertising is a necessary condition for promotion of your product, and printed products serve an integral part of advertising.

Even if you use television, radio advertising or internet promotion, printed materials will be an excellent addition.

Considering the fact that it is the visual information that best sticks in people’s minds, our main task is to create the advertising that a potential client would want to read. That is why it is important not just to find a printing house which will print your order in a quality manner and on time, but also will be able to offer the development of an original design.

Univest Advertising Production offers its customers a comprehensive solution of these tasks, selecting the best options. Having been dealing with the print of such orders for nearly 20 years, we have gained rich experience in printing flyers, booklets, brochures, envelopes, business cards, folders, etc.

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Promotional printed materials by Univest Advertising Production

Promotional printed materials of all others is the type of printed product that your potential customers receive directly in their hands. And because of that the customer can appreciate in full your advertising message, the quality of the material, color saturation and totally the approach to one’s own advertising. Univest Advertising Production offers its services in the production of promotional printed materials in Kyiv so that your audience responds well to advertising, and you get the desired result in the optimal terms.


Production of various types of promotional printed materials at Univest Advertising Production The capabilities of our company in this field are almost unlimited. Among the products that you can order, there are:

  • business cards, booklets, flyers;
  • brochures, catalogs, menus;
  • postcards, diplomas and certificates;
  • labels, stickers, packaging;
  • and a host of other things.

Each of these types of products has its own purpose and function. We, on our part, guarantee high print quality, fulfilment of tasks within the time limits, and good service. Want to know more? Then we will tell you how we print promotional materials at our production site.


How does Univest Advertising Production print promotional materials?

Printing of promotional materials in Univest Advertising Production is carried out with advanced digital offset technology on HP Indigo 5500. This offers great opportunities for you to implement advertising ideas:

  • higher color gamut compared to offset printing;
  • printing products with white ink;
  • close to photographic print quality;
  • personalization of each individual product copy;
  • execution of the order in short time, since there is no need in printing form production.


In addition, if you cannot make the product layout yourself or if you need to modify it, our designers will do it for you! We also have our own post-press equipment. This means that you can prepare or modify the layout, print the products and set them fully ready in one place. And due to the availability of a CRM system, in which full control over the order is conducted, you can at any time receive information about its stage of production and timing.


What type of materials should be used for promotional print?

Promotional printing in Univest Advertising Production is carried out on different types of materials: plain and designer paper, cardboard, transparencies, etc. Univest has its own operational warehouse of materials, which is regularly updated. Therefore, in most cases, you do not need to wait until we order the necessary material. Provided that the layout is properly prepared, your order will be quickly sent into print.


Delivery of finished products

Univest Advertising Production has its own delivery service, thanks to which you can receive promotional print at any address you specify in Kyiv. Delivery to other cities of Ukraine is carried out by Nova Poshta delivery service. For more information, fill out the feedback form or call +38(044) 494 07 47.


We look forward to seeing you in Univest Advertising Production!

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