A booklet – what is it and what is it for?

A booklet is a sheet of paper bended (folded) once or multiple times with information in the form of text and images placed on all sides. The main attribute of a booklet is the absence of binding elements.

This type of printed products is most often used to present the company quickly and to introduce the products and services being provided. It is easy to distribute at an exhibition, forward to a customer, take on a business trip or enclose for sending with documents. At the same time, booklet printing is quite cost-effective.

What are our advantages?
  • Digital offset

    Digital press runs with offset quality owing to the digital office printing process by HP Indigo

  • Prompt production

    Advertising products are delivered as soon as possible – over 50% of the commissions are completed within 24 hours

  • An automated post-press complex

    Cutting, lamination, joint forming, die-cutting, soft binding, PUR casework in one facility with no subcontracting involved

  • Accurate color rendition

    Staff color management specialists, set printing profiles for each material and equipment, printing with original colors.

What types of booklets are there?

The appearance of a booklet and its price depend on a number of factors we are going to consider below. The or size of the product. One of the parameters we face firsthand. It is most often А4, А5 or А6. Printing Euro-format promotional booklets, whose dimensions when folded are as little as 100х 210 mm, is the most popular.

Also, it is necessary to make up your mind about the number of bends (from one upwards) before having booklets made.

Material.Content aside, the material is the parameter on which the visibility of the booklet in the stand and its attractiveness when it gets into the hands of a potential customer depend. The following types of materials may be singled out:

– Offset paper. The economy option that is useful when your budget is very limited or you just want to distribute information of a non-commercial nature;

– Chalk-coated paper. The most popular and optimal solution of booklet printing. Has a glossy sheen and a surface that is pleasant to the touch;

– Common cardboard;

– Designer cardboard.  A material with an unusual structure and color. A good option if you have to emphasize the expensiveness of the products or services;

Density of material. This parameter influences the tactile sensations of the potential customer when they pick up the advertising booklet. A dense advertising material is perceived as more expensive and trustworthy. The price also depends on the density of the material. Materials with densities between 130 and 170 gpm2 are the most popular in booklet making.

Colors of product.The price of printing the booklet depends directly on the number of colors. If your corporate style implies using only two colors in advertising materials, it will be cheaper than producing a full-color product.

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How to get a quality booklet drawing attention?

While looking for a company that will be able to approach booklet making professionally in Kyiv, it is very important to contact specialists. If you want to get a product that draws attention, it is important that you know the following aspects:

 The printing process. We print booklets in Kyiv using the digital offset process. Owing to it, you get the following:

– High image quality. Sharpness of image, smoothness of gradients.

– No unevenness of shade within the print run. The first and last copies will be completely the same with no difference in color;

– An opportunity to imitate the PANTONE color palette with the maximum accuracy of 97%;

– A favorable price if small numbers of booklets are printed.

Shape. Using our equipment, we can give the booklet any unconventional shape.

Extra effects. We can laminate the booklet, adding gloss to it, cover certain elements of the booklet with lacquer or do foil stamping.

Work examples

An excellent way to save time and money

Yes, you’ve read it absolutely correctly. You can do it by reading our technical specification for booklets сarefully.

If your designer takes into account this specification while preparing the booklet’s layout, you will:

– Save time, as a correct layout is immediately submitted to print once it is checked. It is especially noticeable if there is a very tight deadline.

– Save money, as you will not have to pay for the services of our designer improving the layout and preparing it for print.

You only have to download the technical specification once and forward it to the designer to gain a benefit from future cooperation.

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