The photobook as an excellent way to share emotions

Printed photobooks are a modern way of storing your photographs that collects all photos in a full-fledged printed publication designed in accordance with your taste and supplemented with various captions. Owing to the processes used, printing custom photobooks is inexpensive.

The opportunity to place panoramic photos occupying the whole spread should be pointed out as an obvious advantage over classical albums.

Such products can be made to celebrate various significant dates and events, acting as an unconventional present for your customers.

However, for the customer to be really content with the present and for you to get

the product commissioned in time, it is extremely important to select the right printing office.

What are our advantages?
  • Digital offset

    Digital press runs with offset quality owing to the digital office printing process by HP Indigo

  • Prompt production

    Advertising products are delivered as soon as possible – over 50% of the commissions are completed within 24 hours

  • An automated post-press complex

    Cutting, lamination, joint forming, die-cutting, soft binding, PUR casework in one facility with no subcontracting involved

  • Accurate color rendition

    Staff color management specialists, set printing profiles for each material and equipment, printing with original colors.

A recipe for storing impressions right

Before having photobooks made, it will be useful to imagine in more detail what they consist of.

The first thing we face when we pick up an album is its format. It may be both 30х20 cm or 20х>30 cm (А4 in landscape or portrait orientation) and 30х30 cm or 20х20 cm.

The cover. It can be soft or hard. It is made of paper (offset, chalk-coated, designer) or cardboard (chalk-coated or designer).

A hard cover makes the photo album more lasting and impressive.

The next thing is the book. It is usually 6 to 20 sheets of paper with a density of 130-200 gpm2. Offset, chalk-coated and photo paper is used.

When you have made up your mind concerning the cover and book of your photo album, you have to choose the fastening technique for the pages. It may be hot-melt glue, binding or stitching.

All these parameters affect not only the appearance of your product but also its cost, which you can learn if you contact us or fill in the form below.

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How to make images vivid?

Our company will be happy to help you capture the brightest and most pleasant moments on paper for you to relive them for a long time while looking at them. To complete this seemingly unrealistic task,

Univest Advertising Production uses the digital offset process, which allows getting:

– a clear image;

– smooth color transitions;

– full colors;

– print on offset, chalk-coated and textured paper of any density.

Beside photobook printing in Kyiv, Univest Advertising Production offers extra processing, which will make your photobook more attractive, namely: selective lacquering, foil stamping, lamination.

Work examples

For those wanting to save money

Before submitting your photobook to the printing office, read the  layout technical specification carefully. This information will let you save the money spent on the editing done by our designer. It will also help send your commission to print as fast as possible.

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