Leaflet: fast, cheap, convenient

Leaflet is a great example of an inexpensive but quite effective advertising. Made on a single sheet of paper, it communicates the necessary minimum information about your company, product, or service to the audience.

Most often, leaflets are distributed at various events, as well as in places of concentration of the target audience.

Despite of its simplicity, this type of printed products is relevant due to a number of advantages, namely:

– printing of leaflets is cheap;

– leaflets are produced quickly;

– leaflets are easy to distribute;

 These qualities make this type of printing products quite competitive in comparison with the more expensive printed materials.

What are our advantages?
  • Digital offset

    Digital press runs with offset quality owing to the digital office printing process by HP Indigo

  • Joint production

    Advertising products are delivered as soon as possible – over 50% of the commissions are completed within 24 hours

  • An automated post-press complex

    Cutting, lamination, joint forming, die-cutting, soft binding, PUR casework in one facility with no subcontracting involved

  • Accurate color rendition

    Staff color management specialists, set printing profiles for each material and equipment, printing with original colors.

What leaflets are mostly ordered?

When ordering printing of leaflets, the following some differences, which are found in these products, should be taken into account, namely:

– number of colors (whether the leaflet will be black and white or full color);

– number of sides (whether both sides or only one shall be printed);

– the size of leaflet (A4, A5, A6);

– type of paper (offset, coated, designer).

All these factors directly affect both the cost of the order and its future effectiveness.

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How to draw attention to a postcard?

In search of a company that can make postcards in Kyiv, the issue of quality and creativity of such products comes first. Our company can offer not only the printing of leaflets, but also the development of the original design, as a result of which such details as color, graphic elements, text and font will be given a careful thought.

All this can be done in accordance with the brand book and corporate colors.

So that the products are really of high quality, Univest Advertising Production uses the HP Indigo Digital Offset Machine, due to which you get:

– high-quality printing for a moderate charge (if the run is not more than 1000 copies);

– lack of multi-shade in run;

– the ability to imitate PANTONE colors with an accuracy of 97%;

– the same rendition of colors for duplex printing;

– printing on coated, offset and textured paper.

Due to the available technical base, we offer a full range of post-press processing, thereby providing even more original products.

In some cases, it will not be superfluous to use additional effects:

– Add of gloss (lamination);

– Varnishing of individual elements;

– Foil stamping, etc.

The more carefully the above aspects are processed, the higher the effect of the distribution of your leaflets will be.

A good result without any extra costs

The fact that you order leaflets demonstrates that you are not accustomed to spend money

for nothing and you want to get the most results for the least money. That is why it is very important to provide a well-shaped layout.

You can do this by reading our technical requirements to the layout. By following them, you can save:

• Time. The layout is immediately delivered into printing, without further elaboration.

• Money. You do not have to pay for the services related to our designer’s layout improvement.

You will optimize costs in the future just by downloading them now and passing to the designer.

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