Study guides and books

A modern method of presenting educational material

Study guides are teaching aids printed on paper and being part and parcel of any serious learning.

Unlike classical textbooks, such products bear fresher and more up-to-date information. You are no more bound by choosing among the already existing literature. Create a textbook of your own that suits your program as much as possible.

For your guides to be not only effective but also attractive, it is important to select the right printing office that will be able to complete your commission in time and to a high quality.

What are our advantages?
  • Digital offset

    Digital press runs with offset quality owing to the digital office printing process by HP Indigo

  • Prompt production

    Advertising products are delivered as soon as possible – over 50% of the commissions are completed within 24 hours

  • An automated post-press complex

    Cutting, lamination, joint forming, die-cutting, soft binding, PUR casework in one facility with no subcontracting involved

  • Accurate color rendition

    Staff color management specialists, set printing profiles for each material and equipment, printing with original colors.

An eye-pleasing study guide

Textbooks and teaching aids are most often printed in the А5 or А4 format, on offset or (more rarely) chalk-coated paper. The density of pages in a book usually varies from 90 to 150 gpm.

Guides may be made both in paperback (which is cheaper) and hardcover format (which will positively affect the service time of the product).

The binding for such products is usually chosen among hot-melt glue, metal or plastic spring binding and stitching. It greatly depends on the number of pages and of course, the customer’s budget.

As far as coloration is concerned, books are printed both in full color and black and white with a view to decreasing the cost.

All of the above parameters affect the price of the commission, so to get a precise

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Univest Advertisg Production provides book printing in Kyiv, implementing it with an HP Indigo 5500 digital offset machine. Due to this fact you will get:

  • High quality of print comparable to offset quality.
  • A fixed cost of printing regardless of the number of copies.
  • An opportunity to print small numbers of copies.
  • Having as much as every page in the product customized.
  • An opportunity to make adjustments at any moment of printing.

Alongside this, Univest Advertisg Production can bind a product using PUR glue. Owing to such page fastening, the guide will not only get a solid binding but also become easy to open.

Furthermore, if our customers have difficulty designing, our creative agency will help them.

Work examples

Dear customer, saving is easy!

To do this, you only have to download and read the layout technical specification or submit it directly to the specialist that is going to develop the design of your guides. By adhering to it, you will save the money you would otherwise have to pay for editing and the time spent on it

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