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Univest Advertising Production Company presents the new innovative product under SMARTPOSTER brand.

SMARTPOSTER is the new solution for effective visual communication, branding or decorating the space. It is perfect for presenting goods or brands in shops or malls, at conferences and presentations, exhibition stands, as well as for interior design.

SMARTPOSTER is a frame of aluminum profiles, which is filled with a textile poster. The textile frame looks light and weightless due to a special construction, which hides the fasteners. To make the fabric advertising poster brighter, the aluminum frame can be additionally equipped with LEDs.

Features of SMARTPOSTER system
  • Aesthetic appearance

    A perfectly flat advertising surface. No visible frame on the front surface. No pleats and jams. Environmental friendliness. No unpleasant smell.

  • Simple installation

    The advertising cloth can be replaced in 3 minutes without special tools. Quick and simple change of advertising posters. Reusable.

  • Variety of constructions

    The systems allow to create constructions of unlimited dimensions. Additional LED-lighting of advertising poster. Maximum brightness of luminosity.

  • Logistics

    Convenience during transportation and storage. Economy on shipping and installation. Delivery all over Ukraine.

Main elements of SMARTPOSTER system

Aluminum frame for the poster. The aluminum profile of the frame makes the system both light and durable. The aluminum frame has an unlimited lifetime, which allows to change only the textile advertising poster.

Textile poster. Printing an image on fabric provides several advantages unlike PVC banner: fabric is a natural eco-friendly material that does not have “pleats”, unpleasant smell, it is several times lighter, can be transported and reused many times without loss of quality. Textile posters have high light-scattering characteristics, so SMARTPOSTER with LED-lighting looks more effective than ordinary lightboxes made of acrylic, while costs less and is more energy efficient.

LED lighting. Due to well-considered solutions for arranging diode modules (along the back wall of the box or along the profile perimeter), the light consistently distributes over the front surface of the poster. A additional option is the product equipped with a dimmer, with which you can adjust the brightness of the light.

Fittings. Special hangers, “legs” and other accessories allow you to quickly and discreetly assemble the textile frames on the wall, in the shop-window, hang them at the ceiling, assemble a floor stand-alone construction. Connecting elements and additional spacers allow to assemble the SMARTPOSTER system of any size and precisely fit it into a specific interior or develop it for a specific task.

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The areas of use of SMARTPOSTER system is diverse

Textile posters can be one-sided and two-sided, luminous and non-luminous, have different constructions depending on the place of use and advertising purposes. Thickness of the constructions is from 16 mm without illumination and from 45 mm with illumination.

Interior design. Can be installed on a wall or ceiling to garnish / decorate the interior, they are usually large in size and do not require frequent change of the image. They are used for interior decoration of shops, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, etc. The wall-assembled SMARTPOSTER system will also perfectly suit for shop-window dressing and decorating of columns.

Mobile constructions. Free-standing nests of shelves are used for premises and open areas. At large open spaces such as at an airport, train station, hotel conference halls, the SMARTPOSTER system can be used for zoning, navigation, or organizing a photo zone. Using the system, you can create office separation walls or comfortable waiting areas. Thus, due to the SMARTPOSTER system, it is possible not only to organize the office space using the OpenSpace technology, but also to get additional surface to place information about the company.

Suspension system. Due to small weight of the SMARTPOSTER constructions, it can be used to create various suspended compositions or as an illumination source by hanging the textile frame with the luminous side to the floor. Such suspended system may serve as “air” navigation in shopping malls and supermarkets, be used for decoration of any spaces, be part of interior decoration.

Combined solutions. Design of exhibition stands in whole or textile poster filled into the stand, as part of the construction.

Do you need an effective, easy-to-maintain advertising?

The SMARTPOSTER system is delivered in a compact package, unassembled. The textile poster is rolled up in a special package together with aluminum profiles and fasteners, which prevents any damages during transportation.

The SMARTPOSTER system is designed in such a way that the replaceable textile advertising poster can be easily replaced without special tools and knowledge. Installation of the frame is incredibly simple and takes no more than 2-3 minutes: you will need only one hex key, which is supplied in the kit.

For arranging large areas with textile advertising systems, our specialists will come to the site, discuss the location with the Client and choose the best solutions for the SMARTPOSTER system. If necessary, installation and subsequent maintenance may be provided.

If you need to create a temporary advertising panel, theatrical or event-decoration, we provide a service of renting the aluminum constructions. Printing the image on the fabric is only required. Thus, you can save on cost and quickly organize effective communication with your target audience.

Our company offers various optimal solutions of textile posters for realization of your individual tasks.

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