Design of the first in Ukraine LEROY MERLIN hypermarket

In 2010, the first hypermarket of the famous French retailer LEROY MERLIN was opened in Ukraine. We have successfully implemented the project on complex interior design of the whole shopping center.

Within the project we have developed the best solutions on the basis of the base brand book prepared by the central office of the company and the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market of materials and technologies.

During the work all main shopping areas were designed, navigation system was developed, thematic areas and checkout constructions were mounted, the stripping of film on the walls on the perimeter of the store and onto the floor was prepared. In addition, we produced and fixed in all the necessary points of the structure promotional price tags the information on which could easily and promptly be changed.

A separate important task within the project was the development of a functional closing sewage system at the top of the trading equipment around the shopping center.

The final result

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Interesting facts, or what has been done?

Комплексне оформлення гіпермаркету LEROY MERLIN включає в себе:

  • Mobiles / Danglers
    Mobiles / Danglers
  • Floor stickers
    Floor stickers
  • Navigation elements
    Navigation elements
  • Stickers
  • Banners
  • Placards / Bills
    Placards / Bills
  • Signs
  • Boards / Hard posters
    Boards / Hard posters

What was the process?

Stage 1 Development of the store design concept
Stage 2 Adaptation of brand book
Stage 3 Approval of signal samples of typical products
Stage 6 Purchase of materials and preparation for production
Stage 5 Budgeting and project delivery time
Stage 4 Detailed measurements of the facility
Stage 7 Production of all materials
Stage 8 Checking, packaging, sorting of products
Stage 9 Delivery to the site
Stage 11 Performing of immediate additional tasks
Stage 10 Installation works