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Design of Michelin tire center

Michelin brand has developed a very non-standard brand book for the decoration of its tire centers, full of complex constructions, original forms, functional products for customer convenience.

Strict adherence to the rules of brand book at the decoration of each new center is the firm requirement of the brand.

Univest Advertising Production specialists have studied the whole range of advertising materials and structures, and implemented a comprehensive project on “dressing” of the tire center. Within the framework of the project, the façade (frieze, signboard, wall appliques) of the building and the interior (POS materials, stands for tires, information stands, paper holders, commercial equipment) have been fully decorated

The final result

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Комплексне рішення по оформленню шинного центру включає в себе

  • Life-size figures
    Life-size figures
  • Consumer Information Board / Information stand
    Consumer Information Board / Information stand
  • Sales racks, shelves
    Sales racks, shelves
  • Signs
  • Presenters
  • Light boxes
    Light boxes
  • Navigation elements
    Navigation elements

What was the process?

Stage 1 Analysis of brand book and local adaptation
Stage 2 Approval of signal samples of typical products
Stage 3 Visits to take measurements, approval of the cost and terms
Stage 6 Assembling of all approved constructions
Stage 5 Production of printed semi-finished products
Stage 4 Purchase of materials and planning
Stage 7 Delivery to the site
Stage 8 Installation works