Design of EURO-2012 stadiums

We have produced and mounted all the materials for decorating exterior walls of stadiums, internal bowls, perimeter of football fields. The navigation system of each stadium was completely redesigned in accordance with the standards of the UEFA. Reception areas and entrance facade groups and arches for VIP delegations, teams’ locker rooms, media area, catering areas were decorated.

Area for press conferences and video reports were arranged. Within the frameworks of preparation for the final match, the Olympic area was decorated with the flags of the teams-finalists and the facade of Sheraton hotel was decorated with a giant image of the Cup consisting of 670 separate film pieces.

One of the key criteria why our company was chosen as the winner in the tender was the complete understanding of the principles of project management and the ability to effectively organize a whole group of totally different in size, area of activity and region companies for the joint work in one project.

The final result

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Interesting facts, or what has been done?

Комплексное оформление стадионов на ЕВРО 2012 включает:

  • Brandzones
  • Boards
  • Banners
  • Wall advertising
    Wall advertising
  • Floor stickers
    Floor stickers
  • City lights
    City lights
  • Placards / Bills
    Placards / Bills
  • Stickers
  • Boards / Hard posters
    Boards / Hard posters
  • Posters
  • Navigation elements
    Navigation elements

What was the process?

Stage 1 Formation of the project team
Stage 2 Detailed inspection and measurements of each stadium
Stage 3 Preparation, visualization and approval of design concepts
Stage 6 Approval of signal samples
Stage 5 Selection of materials and printing technologies
Stage 4 Preparation of budgets and making the timing of the project
Stage 7 Financial support of production
Stage 8 Selection of regional contractors
Stage 9 Organization of warehouse and transportation logistics
Stage 12 Delivery to the regional sites
Stage 11 Checking, packaging and sorting of products
Stage 10 Production of all materials
Stage 13 Installation works
Stage 14 Performance of immediate additional tasks
Stage 15 Control and support during the tournament
Stage 16 Dismantling and disposal of products