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Design of fresh food area in Auchan hypermarkets

Auchan is one of the absolute market leaders in food retail in Ukraine. In 2013, the management of Auchan took a decision on the comprehensive renewal of the entire sales zone of fresh products in hypermarkets of the network. The advertising agency in charge of this ambitious project has chosen Univest Advertising Production as the general contractor of the technological elaboration and tasks implementation.

After a detailed analysis of the daily work of the department, behavioristic characteristics of visitors in the area under design, we have proposed the best materials and manufacturing technology for each single design element.

Within the frameworks of the project, all overheads (plastic decorations above trade rows with department names) have been completely updated; new constructive proposals for price tags with a variable price and product items have been developed; each thematic area has been designed in its color, packages holders, racks for scales, stands for recipes have been branded.

The whole assembly was performed at night by the experts of Univest Advertising Production with the use of specialized equipment and scaffoldings. The installation was carried out mainly into the ceiling at a height of 10-11 meters.

The final result

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Interesting facts, or what has been done?

Комплексное решение по оформлению гипермаркета Auchan включает в себя

  • Mobiles / Danglers
    Mobiles / Danglers
  • Navigation elements
    Navigation elements
  • Consumer Information Board / Information stand
    Consumer Information Board / Information stand
  • Sales racks, shelves
    Sales racks, shelves
  • Stickers
  • Shelf talkers
    Shelf talkers
  • Stoppers

What was the process?

Stage 1 The development of technological solutions based on the design concept
Stage 2 Approval of signal samples of typical products
Stage 3 Detailed measurements of the facility, budgeting
Stage 6 Production of all the approved materials
Stage 5 Painting works on the site (painting walls, columns)
Stage 4 Installing of fasteners in a ceiling for future decorations
Stage 7 Delivery to the site
Stage 8 Night mounting works at height
Stage 9 Store personnel training on working with the elements of decoration and design