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Imperial Tobacco signboards

The signboards’ designs were prepared in a specialized research institute and were approved in Germany (the building of the new high-altitude warehouse was designed by German architects).

The dimensions of the building are impressive: large signboard is 16 * 9 meters, and the smaller one is 11*6 m.

It took our department about one month to produce these two items.

The base of each letter is a durable galvanized metal frame, covered with a special polymer coating for additional resistance to environmental influences. The ends of the letters are made of composite aluminum. The front panel of the smaller signboard is made of polycarbonate, and the of the bigger is of diffusing banner with UV printing. In order to easily identify the factory at night among large shopping centers, more than 10,000 LEDs were used in the production of signboards.

The installation was made by climbers and specialized high-altitude equipment. The weight of the bigger signboard with metal frame is more than 2 tons, which had to be mounted at a height of 40 meters.

Operational lifetime of these signboards can be over 10 years.

The final result

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Interesting facts, or what has been done?

What was the process?

Stage 1 Visualization and approval of the design project with the client
Stage 2 Development of the constructive of signboard, taking into account the peculiarities of the building
Stage 3 Approval of the project in all instances
Stage 6 Production of load-bearing frame and housing of elements of signboard
Stage 5 Double-sided UV printing of face edges of letters on the backlit banner
Step 4 Ordering materials for the production of signboard
Stage 7 Installation of diodes and electrical wiring according to the project
Stage 8 High-altitude installation of the supporting frame and wire installation
Stage 9 Delivery of elements of signboards to the site
Stage 12 Connection of signboards to electric network
Interesting facts, or what has been done?
Stage 11 Installation of signboard on the wall of the building with the help of special equipment
Stage 10 Assembling of letters prior to installation