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The market is developing, competition is growing, and the consumer is gradually getting used to the traditional methods of promotion. Marketing and advertising departments have received a new challenge. To attract the attention of the consumer they have to change the approaches to communication and to develop new, more complicated types of promotional products.

Unconventional advertising constructions are unleashed: high-level storage racks with goods, hanging mobiles with illumination, large painted walls, windows and entire brand zones taped with banner mesh, which create a small local world of one brand in the shopping space. Such solutions require suppliers of promotional products to have work skills with different materials, including the ability to print images on different surfaces.

Univest Advertising Production has a wide range of printing technologies that allow to work with different materials: paper, cardboard, banner fabric, mesh, acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, etc.

Below please find details of all the materials that we can print on.

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