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What products can be made?

Thanks to our equipment we can:

– crease sheet materials;

– cut (using a vibrating blade) corrugated cardboard, foam board, foam polystyrene, cellular and composite materials;

– cut (using a static knife) cardboard, rubber, PVC foam, fabric, magnet;

– mill PET, SAN, dibond, acrylic, MDF, polystyrene.

And at the same time we guarantee:

– perfectly smooth edge (paint will even not flush);

– smooth, without rough edges, base of the finished product;

– cutting up to 0.1 mm (all is being recorded by a special camera);

– cutting with the speed of up to 1 meter per second.

And what is more:

– There are about 110 types of tools for Zund G3 in our arsenal which allows to choose the best option for each type of product;

– The size of the processed area of our automated post press complex is 3×2 meters. Due to this, we use whole sheets, which allows to optimize the number of products on the sheet and help the customer to save on technical waste;

– Through a special purification system all waste is removed from the finished product. Therefore, the customer receives the finished product in a pure form.

We will help you to get the ready circulation or semi-finished products to the widest range of products:

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